Kiddal Quarry Farm

We are a small family farm growing food and flowers and raising animals in a way that gives back to the soil, makes space for the birds and the bees, and brings health and joy to us and our community.

Flowers are an essential element in our permaculture system, increasing diversity and attracting pollinators and beneficial predators into our market garden. But that is not why I grow them. Flowers are beautiful. That is why. They bring joy and wonder back into our busy man-made days, and they remind us to take a moment’s break, just to appreciate. 

Our flowers and vegetables and fruit grow side by side, often intertwined, as perennial as possible and in companionable polyculture. These are flowers that you can feel good about. We are not (yet) organic certified, but use mainly UK sourced organic seed, organic seed compost and homemade manure compost and bokashi, and no nasty chemicals or industrial fertilisers. 

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